Monday, December 27, 2010

Yes we have snow....

We have snow,

but not as much as

most places. The

dogs love going out

and playing and

running in it...

Just like 'kids'...What

Fun !!!

Dogs in sunroom

We keep a crate in the sunroom,

and have a blanket over the top of

it. When Indy was just a few months

old, she would climb up on the

love seat, and up onto the

top of the crate. For a long

time, this was her very

special perch.

But like any good thing.

others recognize the fact

and want to share. We ended

up putting a doggie bed on

top of the crate. And it

does amaze me that the

crate has not teetered

over by now.

Indy at her favorite place.

Indy to the left of
Finally resting
her head on him...
They both took a nap
this way. You can
see the sleepy eyes..

Not to be outdone

by a is

the trio...

left to right.

Montana, Leeya,

and Indy....

What a gang...! Poor crate..!


The dogs were very good this year and

received lots of gifts for Christmas.

They all love opening their gifts. Some do it

with such enthusiastic fun, and others

only tearing off a small piece of wrap at a time,

until the gift is revealed. Such an exhausting

task, that they fell asleep soon after,

generally surrounded by their new toys..

Pal on left, our daughter's rescue, being

helped by Leeya.

Skye...having fun opening his gift.

Skye sucking his

new hedge hog..!

Pal exhausted

and enjoying his new

'pillow '.

Indy resting her

head on her Mom,

Leeya, surrounded

by their new gifts..

Merry Christmas

and a very

Happy New Year..!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

snow and cold

We went from the 50's and 60's
to winter in just two weeks.
We haven't been getting as
much snow as other areas in NYS,
but enough to make the dogs
happy. _3 tonight...
Leeya, Indy and Montana
checking out for critters...

Snow faced Montana, Indy

and Leeya

Silly Montana

Leeya, mouse hunting..

Skye, enjoying what sun
we had today..