Friday, June 27, 2008

Puppies are 13 days old...June 27th

Gramma Jean and little Pinkie. She'll crawl any
where to get comfortable.

Yellow boy, all on his own at the Milk bar.

As you can see, they wrap their little tongues around
the nipple and draw the milk in like a little machine.

Yellow boy makes a nice back rest for green boy.

Now they are both snoozing. You gotta love
the little legs and paws.

" Hey bro, I'm full...How about you?

This is the life...Eat and Sleep !

Full tummies...

Turquoise girl.

Pink girl.

Lavender girl.

Blue boy and turquoise girl..

Sleep, sleep

.......and sleep..

Almost forgot....eyes are opening on almost

everyone today. Now that Blue boy has

taken the first steps, there are a few others

that are trying to do the same. The problem

is trying to get those darn back legs to


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