Thursday, June 26, 2008

Puppies ...June 23rd to June 26th.

The puppies are growing in leaps and bounds. They have all doubled-plus, their birth weights. Their days are spent eating and sleeping, with Mom Leeya taking care of their every needs...clean up Mom...!

We are continuing the bio sensor and doing a lot of puppy cuddling. Those that were very agitated initially with the bio sensor are now on a whole very calm. And what better thing can one do than to cuddle a sweet little puppy. What peace of mind and spirit that can give you.

Today was the first day that we saw some eyes opening. So far it is blue boy and pink girl. Blue boy was also the first today to do a nice straight sit, and go from there into his first upright..all fours....wobbly walk.

They are all very aggressive at the snack bar. Poor Leeya. But she continues to be the best of Moms. She does sneak out though, when the kids are all sleeping, to enjoy a run out back with us. or just lazing around a bit with the other dogs.

She is eating four times as much as usual. But this is a need she has to produce enough milk for the kids.

Today was also their second manicure/pedicure. Not a happy time for them.

But Leeya definitely is happy not to have the razor sharp nails digging into her.

As always this continues to be one of lifes wonderful joys for is.

This is what the stampede to the milk bar looks like.

Feet over feet, heads over heads...

Legs sticking out this way and that trying to find a way in...

....and at last success.

full tummies and a lick or two from Mom.

Puppies twelve days old.

Blue boy crawling under the pig rail.

Blue boy on bottom of picture ..trying to take his first upright steps.

" Look Mom , I'm walking !!!"

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