Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 28th and June 29th puppies

Leeya snoozing with her pups !

The puppies love being

in contact wth their Mom

As you can see..

They are all mastering

OHHHHH !!! Way to cute !

They have started to initiate
play with one another..

Sleeping pinkie and yellow gumming
his sister. Notice the eyes are now
opened as well.

Now that the eyes are opened and they
are walking, we are seeing so much more
personality. Their eyesight is still not clearly
focused, but they can follow us with their eyes.
They love being held and gently massaged.

What dear little beings they are!

Blue boy loves to do laps under the pig rail.
When he is finally content, he just drops into

Pinkie is always ready to play with her litter mates.

Turquoise and Lavender are very laid back, and their
favorite thing is Sleeping...and being held.

Yellow is sweet. Loves to nudge his siblings and
gum them with his mouth. Must be they taste
pretty good.

Green is another sweet and quiet boy. He too,
loves to be held.

On a whole, I would say that the litter is very
even tempered. Not an extra quiet one in the
group nor one that I would consider really

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