Tuesday, July 1, 2008

puppies ...June...30th.

The puppies continue to gain weight...They range from 53 to 42

ounces. They are getting better at walking, and are attempting to

play more with one another. In four to five more days they will be

hearing. The eyes are all opened, and are the prettiest blue. Of

course, this will change from amber to gold as they mature.

Today was the last day of the bio sensor. Between that and the

handling, they all seem to be coming more into their own sweet

personalities. ...and how sweet they are.

I have had to put another panel in the exit and entrance area of the

whelping box. First green, than turquoise and today lavender were

just about out to explore the world outside of their 'now' living


Leeya and the gang with full


From left to right...green boy, yellow boy, lavender

girl, turquoise girl, pink girl and blue boy, in his

favorite place, under the pig rail.

" HI world ! "

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