Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th...

As you can see they are growing fast.

This week we will slowly be weaning

the pups from Leeya. Their teeth are

just starting to come thru. I know

Leeya will be happy to have this

happen. She has been a wonderful

dotting Mom, but when the teeth

come is time to go on to the

puppy gruel. Leeya will enjoy clean up

after they are done.

Blue checking out the stuffed ball

as Yellow and Lavender wander by.

Pink thinks it's cool that she

has found something new to gum...

Turquoise had found the perfect



turquoise ...sleeping..

Another sleepy boy.

blue sleeping in his favorite place..under the

pig rail.

Lavender girl....following her brother's


Turquoise, Blue, green, lavender, Pink, and yellow

I just started to put absorbent pads in

the whelping box. I was hoping maybe

the pups would get the idea to use them

for potty. Pink girl was the first, and after

her, they all got the idea.

Can potty training be this easy????

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