Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 13th....puppy room/play area.

The puppy room is ready and the pups

are in it. We still have some more things

to add. But what fun they are having

with all the room to run and play in.

I have used the whelping box in the

the past in their room, but this time

decided to use the dog bed that
Gram Jazz had won at the Canadian

Nationals in 2000 for going BISS.

It is a little smaller and gives them

more room for other things to

challenge and trigger their little


Our washer and dryer will be busier

now, not only keeping up with the

blankets, but washing their toys. We

rotate the toys every few days.

They have a small tunnel in the room, and

will soon have their suspended

tote. This has always been the

puppy's favorite place to sleep in the

past. I will be making a 'wobble board'

to get them used to motion under foot.

If there are any agility enthusiast, this will

be a plus for their puppies as well.

Leeya in one of the rarer nursing times

with her babies.

Blue sniffing one of the new toys..

Getting ready for a nap. With their experience

getting out of the whelping box.....this is not

a challenge.

Settling in....Blue boy seems to like the

coolness of the floor outside the bed.

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