Monday, July 21, 2008

July 21st pups at play and sleep..!

We took the pups outside later this

afternoon. They loved their

explorations around the side

yard, into a small flower bed,

over some lumber ( agility dogs)

running after Austin, and just

having a great time.

When they finally went

inside, they all crashed..

Following Austin, as though he were

the pied piper..

Turquoise, camouflaging herself in the jungle...

The pups are very busy these days

exploring the world around them.

We have been taking them out on

the lawn more, and how their

little noses go to the ground

to check out all the new smells.

When they are awake, they play

hard with one another. If one

plays too rough with too much

biting, they just avoid this pup.

It teaches the culprit, that if you

are too rough no one will want to

play with you. The pack generally

works out its problems, if just

left alone.

Leeya still goes in occasionally to

nurse, and what happy kids these

are when this happens. There

is NO ONE like Mom.

I took these pictures while some of

the pups were awake, and others

were out for the count.

I get them all kinds of toys, but

today's favorite thing was an

extra piece of tracking line.

I knotted it up and put it in with them,

and they ignored their other toys

and played with that rope for quite

some time. They continue to be

a delight to watch and cuddle.

Yellow, turquoise and Lavender, playing
with the piece of knotted rope.

Turquoise playing

Lavender and Turquoise with the rope" toy ".

Blue and Green..snoozing....


Blue boy


green boy

Turquoise down the ramp




Lavender checking them out at the bottom

Going down

....and back up again..

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