Friday, July 11, 2008

July 11 th

The puppies should be going

into their puppy room Sat or

Sun. We are having a sliding

glass door installed in our

living room/dog room. This will

make access outside easier for

the little gang. And will also

bring much needed light into

the room. Leeya still goes into the whelping

box four or five times a day and a few

during the night to let

the puppies nurse, but it is for

shorter periods of time now.

They continue to try their acrobatics

in getting out of the whelping box.

We put another panel in, after

Leeya leaves from nursing. You will

see the little experts and what we have to do.

They are all eating well out of the

puppy bowl. And they are drinking

water out of a flat dish.

Patient Leeya with her pups..

Roughhouse time..!!

Up and over....or so they hope.

The extra panel...dashes hope of escape.....darn and darn !!!

They don't call it the

" mess hall" for nothing..!

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