Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 17th

Well, we got the ramp finished today

as well as putting up a small yard

for the pups to go into.

They had an easier time going up

the ramp the first few times than

going down it. But now they are

experts. They love having their

own little yard outside to play

in and search out all the new


In the past we have made a

small ramp in the puppy

room itself that went into

the whelping box.

This time we decided to

change things a bit. If there

is anyone that will be doing

agility, these guys will be ready

for the dog walk and A frame.

The angle is steeper than it


Austin and the pups enjoying

one another.

Blue boy climbing into tote to play

or nap ???

 play of course...He loves

chewing on the parrot....!

Blue boy climbing out of swinging

tote after taking a short nap.

Lavender still napping..!

Lavender sleeping...peacefilled..!

Blue watching turquoise go

thru the tunnel..

Turquoise taking a short break...
investigating the tunnel...

Turquoise....who couldn't love

that little face and blue eyes..

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