Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30th outside fun

The puppies have been

having all kinds of fun.

They had a new visitor

come with a dress on...

something new to pull

and chew on..!

They have been going into

the big dogs yard and

having so much fun. That

yard goes into our agility

ring area.

They are all so very

adventurous. They all

tried out the dog walk,

the barrel tunnel and

the A frame. If there was

anything else to

investigate ..they would

thoroughly check it


Their latest visitor..!

Checking out and trying out

the dog walk.

.....and the A frame.

They all loved the barrel ..tunnel..!

They love playing

in the tall grass..

Can you find two weimaraner

puppies ???

Learn from puppies

"Life is a joy...! Run

with it !" Lavender.

Yellow boy, asleep

in the sunroom..They play hard

and sleep soundly.

Lavender, asleep

in loving hands.

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