Monday, August 18, 2008

Aug 10th thru Aug 18 th...

The pups are going

on their way. Indy

has found her home with

us. Grayson will

be going to Maryland

and Blue Boy

will be going to


L to R...Grayson ( green)

Indy(Lavender), Blue boy


Grayson, pinning Indy

Indy eating a string bean..!

Blue enjoying one as well....

Leeya playing with Indy..

Indy's flying ears...!

Beautiful Leeya..


Leeya and son

Blue and Grayson

Grayson and Indy

Grayson and Pal playing with

the frisbee, as the others


Grayson and Blue, with Indy under

it all...!


Indy and Grayson,,He's ready to run..!

Pal with Grayson and Blue...Indy looking


Bailey, Angela and

Fling, and Blaze....!

Bailey shows what

she thinks of the

new addition...!!!

Fling's new friend...Baxter !

Angela and Fling

Fling, Grayson, Blue and Indy

Pal and Fling

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