Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 20th - 21st.

They are growing so fast.

How they love to play.

Life, so far, is just

one big game for


They are being

taught manners

at this point.

No jumping up

when it comes to

food. If they sit

in front or by us

they get a treat,

otherwise ' Off" and

once again sitting, praise

and a treat. They learn

so fast and really

want to please.

Cooper...(blue boy) in

sun room napping.

Indy...Miss cutie girl....!

Grayson and Cooper

A little blurry...but Indy and

Grayson. It is hard to catch

them when they

are not moving.

Leeya, showing

them how to

make a salad.

Grayson and Cooper,

both wanting the

same blade

of grass..

A little something

else in the mix...


good and good..!

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