Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28th.....more Fling

This is little TN girl

Fling. She lives with Bailey

and Blaze in Nashville.

Fling is being taught

to free stack for the

breed ring...and is

enjoying the treats

that go along with that.

She is also having fun

with some agility. I'm sure

Angela was happy when

Fling showed her what she

already knew. She has

a great home and will

have lots
of fun

doing the things

that Angela has planned

for her..

Another lovely sunny day

here. The puppies had

something new to explore

today......their....PUP TENT..!

What a fun place to

tumble and play. The poor

tent got flattened more

than once. Good thing

they are made so resiliant.

Giving the tent a rest

Time out for toy


Grayson, Indy and Cooper

Another new game....not

ring around the rosey....

but ring around the

pup tent !! Of course,

only at full speed.

This is Grayson..

with Indy ...

belly up !

Gram Jazz on the left

and Mom Leeya on

on right watching

the activity...

A short break for

a drink of H 2 O.

Now Indy has

Cooper pinned....... they

never seem to get

tired of the rough housing..

Indy down...Cooper UP !

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